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Facial Beauty and Micropigmentation Center, managed by Ms. Mehrnoosh Habibi, with a brilliant history, is ready to provide facial beauty services in the best and safest way possible, to achieve the permanent beauty of your loved ones.

In this center, beauty is selected and applied based on the anatomy of each person’s face and based on the eyes, nose dimensions, forehead width and eye distance from each other using tools, dividers and applications for design and symmetry.

All services are performed in a completely sterile environment and licensed by the Ministry of Health with disposable kits for each person.

Mehrnoosh Habibi Resume

Member of European PhI Faculty of Beauty – Member of S European Academy International pmu Certificates – Fibrosis Artist – Ficantor Artist – S Microbleeding Artist – Silhouette Artist – Official Instructor of Technical and Professional Organization

Service description
Fix imperfections and eyebrow design using a special eyebrow design ruler
Eyebrow symmetry with mobile (special application for symmetry)
Hashour eyebrow hair in a completely natural fashion style
Eyebrow microbleeding with fibrosis, fashion update, bold and high durability methods
Amber eyebrow or magic eyebrow shading is the newest method in the world
Permanent black velvet eyeliner with solid color
Eyelash extensions to make the eyes look blacker and fuller
Lipstick and remove excess darkness or whiteness of the lips
Lip augmentation and three-dimensional lip with the latest European technique
Decoupage eyebrows and discolored tattoos
Remove old eyebrow tattoos without damaging the eyebrow skin and hair